July 2014 Issue

Splendid success of 3rd ‘All India Hindu Convention’

(From Left) H.H. (Dr.) Charudatta Pingale,
H.H. Ishwarbuva Ramdasi Swami Pradeeptanandji
Maharaj and H.H. Nandkumar Jadhav
     Ramnathi (Ponda, Goa) - The 3rd ‘All India Hindu Convention’ organised by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS)was held from 20th to 26th June at the Ramnath Devasthan here.

H.H. Dr. Athavale’s message for the ‘All India Hindu Convention’

                             Dedicate yourself to establishing the ‘Hindu Nation’ !
     Ramnathi (Ponda, Goa) - “Yadnya (Sacrificial fire) has a unique significance in Sanatan Vedic Dharma. It is said - Agnimukha vai Devaha |, which means, ‘Yadnya is the mouth of the Deities’. Performing a Yadnya amounts to offering food in the form of samidha (Firewood) to the mouths of the Deities.
     The Dharmayadnya of establishing the ‘Hindu Nation’ has been lit through the medium of the ‘All India Hindu Conventions’.

GURUPOURNIMA - H.H. Dr. Athavale’s Message, Ashadha Pournima (12th July 2014)

O Hindus ! Perform Kshatradharma sadhana as 
expected by the Guru Principle according to the times !
     The Guru is a Principle which functions through the medium of various Saints and spiritually evolved individuals. The real mission of the Guru Principle is to bring about the supreme welfare of the disciple (meaning, achieving Moksha - Final Liberation) and welfare of the universe (meaning, welfare of entire mankind).

Whenever Dharma is on the decline

Message from Shankaracharya of Puri Peetha

Bharat, Bhutan, Nepal should have governance based on Hindu culture !
Jagadguru Shankaracharya
Shr Swami Nischalanand Saraswatiji
      Ramnathi (Ponda, Goa) - “The ‘Hindu Nation’ will materialise in Bharat only by eliminating the influence of western countries on Bharatiya governance, by implementing an educational system and sociocultural projects based on the Vedas. May the 3rd ‘All India Hindu Convention’ being held in Goa be successful in achieving these objectives”, said Puri Peethadhishwar Shrimad Jagadguru Shankaracharya Shri Swami Nishchalanand Saraswatiji Maharaj while giving His blessings for the ‘All India Hindu Convention’ to H.H. Dr. Charudatta Pingale (National Guide of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti) at Ratanapur (Chhattisgarh). 

Message from Shankaracharya of Shri Kanchi Kamkoti Peetha

H.H.Sri Kanchi Kamkoti Peethadhipati
Jagadguru Sri Shankaracharya
      Hindu consolidation is the need of the hour and we have the key in our hands to open the future treasure house of knowledge to the whole world. 
     Such Conventions will make Hindus realise that the master key of the future world is in their hands. The time has come for the Hindu mind for widening its scope of approach and thinking. Of all the races, the Hindu only has the invaluable gift of thinking with the heart.

Hindu Nation

Process of establishment in the subtle and physical dimensions
1. Background
H.H. Dr. Athavale
            After the sweeping victory of BJP in the Lok Sabha elections, many devout Hindus expressed their expectations that good days would come for the Hindus. In fact, this is an emotional analysis. Those who work at the spiritual level for protecting the Nation and Dharma know that Bharat will become a Dharma-based ‘Hindu Nation’ in 2023 and hence, they do not become euphoric about the temporary political transformation.

Hindu Convention Day 1

      Key Points
  • Objective of the Convention and Introductory speech   
  •  Nurturing Kshatratej & Brahmatej to establish the ‘Hindu Nation’
  • Futility of secularism and need for the ‘Hindu Nation’
  • How to train Spokespersons for panel discussions on TV
  • ‘National Hindu Movement’ to unite Hindus
  • Futility of elections
  • Spreading Hindu Dharma throughout the world through SSRF

Hindu Convention Day 2

      Key Points
  • Cow-protection, financing Gaushalas, preventing smuggling of cows, closure of illegal slaughter houses, action against butchers of cattle etc.
  • Rehabilitating Kashmiri Hindus
  • Hindus in Andaman & Nicobar
  • Hindus in Assam
  • Sindhi Hindus residing in Bharat and Pakistan
  • Hindus in Tamilnadu

Why will only seekers be victorious in the Dharmakranti ?

     Hooligans and terrorists possess Tama-predominant Ichhashakti, politicians possess Raja-predominant Kriya-shakti; whereas, seekers possess Sattva-predominant Dnyanshakti. Since Dnyanshakti is associated with God, this  ultimately is victorious. This is not the case with Ichhashakti and  Kriyashakti. Therefore, only seekers will be victorious in the Dharmakranti. - Dr. Athavale (18.2.2008)

Dharmakranti is the only weapon necessary for establishing the ‘Hindu Nation’ and is also a policy of HJS !

Mr. Ramesh Shinde
      Paratpar Guru H.H. (Dr.) Athavale has studied various aspects of Democracy from the social and spiritual perspective for many years. In 1999, He compiled a Holy text on the pathetic condition of Democracy and about establishing the Divine Kingdom. Even after 15 years, every HJS volunteer is experiencing the time-tested truth of those thoughts; therefore, HJS does not need a different policy when elections are nearing. The thoughts of H.H. Dr. Athavale are the foundation for us in taking a stand on issues related to elections.- Mr. Ramesh Shinde (National Spokesperson of HJS)

O devout Hindus ! Do not have ego that you are doing everything ...

H.H. Dadaji Vaishampayan
Saints are striving hard to make 
the Convention successful !
Yogatadnya H.H. Dadaji 
Vaishamapayan (From Kalyan)
        He has been performing continuous anushthans (Religious rituals) even at the age of 96 years for establishing the ‘Hindu Nation’. He conveyed His blessings for the success of the Convention.

Special Views

  •  “Bharat has been facing invasions for hundreds of years. Hindus were oppressed before Independence too; after Independence, attacks on Hindus have been going on for ‘Darul-E-Islam’. Intense patriotism is the only solution on such problems in this crisis.” - Mr. Neelesh Dubey (of All-India Hindu Mahasabha, Madhya Pradesh)

H.H. Dr. Athavale’s capacity for seva reducing gradually, yet a manifold increase in the mission of spreading Spirituality

H.H. Dr  Athavale
 1. Year 2007 : Moving outdoors became impossible due to a reduction in the vital energy. 
2. Year 2012 :  A. From 2012, the capacity to remember reduced. Now I forget many things. I do not remember the names of seekers in the Ashram. Many times, I do not even remember what I have said five minutes ago. B. From 2012, clarity in speech reduced gradually. Many times, I have to repeat sentences, and only then does one understand it. Despite all this, the mission of spreading Spirituality has increased manifold and in a variety of ways. From this I realised that despite the fact that I am unable to do much, God has spread the mission and decreased my doership ! 
- Dr. Athavale (10.3.2014)

Prof. GC Asnani attains Sainthood !

H.H. Prof. G. C.  Asnani
An ideal and inspirational example for Hindutva who attained Sainthood with the unique confluence 
of humility, bhav of gratitude and Kshatratej
     Pune (Maharashtra) - Prof. Gelaram Chetanadas Asnani (Age 93 years) has attained Sainthood. This was announced by Mrs. Rajashri Khollam, seeker of Sanatan Sanstha in a bhav-enriched function. H.H. (Prof.) Asnani was felicitated by Sanatan’s seeker Mr. Pravin Karve on the occasion by offering a shawl and coconut.

‘National Hindu Movement’

                  A successful effort for awakening Hindus and organising them
                  against dangers that the Nation and Dharma are facing today
     Representatives of 70 devout Hindu organisations from 20 States participated in the 2nd ‘All India Hindu Convention’ in Goa in 2013 and decided to implement a common action programme. Accordingly, it was decided to carry out a nation-wide agitation every month to raise united voice against incidents of injustice to the Nation and Dharma. This is the ‘National Hindu Movement’. Today, this effort is being implemented successfully at 50 places across 11 States at an average.


HJS’ petition on malpractices in Vitthal-Rukmini Temple

                      Bombay High Court orders State 
            Government and Devasthan Samiti to present their side
      Mumbai - During the hearing of a petition filed by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) against malpractices in the management of Vitthal-Rukmini Temple at Pandharpur by the Devasthan Samiti, a Bench of Bombay High Court comprising of Justice Abhay Oak and Justice Chandurkar took serious note of the issue and passed an order asking the Law & Justice, Revenue and Forest Departments of the State Government (besides Vitthal-Rukmini Devasthan Samiti) to present their side.

Rights enjoyed by J&K State because of Article 370

Authors of Article 370 will be punished
 with life-imprisonment in the ‘Hindu Nation’ !
1. Citizens of Jammu & Kashmir have dual citizenship.
2. The National Flag of Jammu & Kashmir is separate.
3. Tenure of Jammu & Kashmir Legislative Assembly is 6 years; whereas, tenure of other Legislative Assemblies in Bharat is 5 years.
4. Desecration of the National Flag and national symbols of Bharat is not considered an offence in Jammu & Kashmir.

Know Your Enemies !

                     Owaisi’s hate speech against PM
     New Delhi - Asaduddin Owaisi, AIMIM President,  has stirred up yet another controversy. A video in which he is seen making hate remarks against Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has gone viral on Youtube and other social networking sites. In the video, Owaisi is seen saying that Modi-led Government is against Muslims. Referring to an interview given by Mr. Modi, Owaisi says that Mr. Modi has instilled fear among Muslims.

We want rulers who will teach a lesson to Pakistan !

     After the victory of BJP in the Lok Sabha elections, 2 Bharatiya soldiers were killed and 5 were injured in a clash with Pakistan-sponsored terrorists.
     If someone were to suffer from cough due to Tuberculosis (TB), he would not be given medicine just to cure his cough, but would be treated to eliminate the TB virus, meaning, a doctor would strike at the root of the problem. Similarly, while fighting the Jihadi elements our rulers are expected to teach a lesson to Pakistan, which is the root cause of Jihadi terrorism. - Dr. Athavale (21.5.2014)

Rename Ahmedabad to Karnavati, Allahabad to Prayag : Dr. Swamy to Government

     New Delhi -  BJP leader Dr. Subramanian Swamy, a senior leader of BJP, suggested that the Government should take up restoring names of cities to their ancient Hindu versions. According to reports, in 1990 and 2001, the BJP had proposed that Ahmedabad be renamed ‘Karnavati’. Similar demands have also been made for renaming Allahabad to ‘Prayag’, Bhopal to ‘Bhopjal’ and Jabalpur to ‘Jabalipuram’. (Will the BJP Government fulfill the just demand raised by Dr. Swamy ? - Editor)

Hindu Convention Day 3

        Key Topics
  • Need for contribution of Hindu advocates to protect Dharma
  • Effective work done under RTI
  • How to file PILs in the interest of the Nation and Dharma
  • Attempts to get rid of encroachment of Islamic University at Tirupati
  • Efforts of Hindu organisations in Bharat to help Bangladeshi Hindus

‘Sudarshan News’ channel telecasts Convention live !

     Mr. Suresh Chavhanke, Director of ‘Sudarshan News’ organised live telecast of the Convention on his programme ‘Bindas Bol’ directly from the venue at 8 p.m. on 20th June. The theme of the programme was - ‘When will Bharat be declared a Hindu Nation ?’ The programme was anchored by Mr. Chavhanke himself.

Four dignitaries attain 61% spiritual level due to their intense yearning for upliftment of the Nation and Dharma !

     The Convention reached another high when 4 participants attained a spiritual level of 61%. This good news was given by H.H. (Dr.) Pingale (National Guide of HJS) in the evening session, signifying one more step towards the goal of establishing the ‘Hindu Nation’. Following is a brief introduction of these dignitaries.

Hindu Convention Day 4

       Key Topics
  • Real reason and narration of experiences of Muzaffarnagar riots
  • Need to protect riot-hit Hindus
  • Prepare to give a fitting reply to rioting Muslims
  • Preparing for Dharmakranti to establish the ‘Hindu Nation’
  •  How to free girls who are victims of Love Jihad through legal means ?
  • Why must Hindu activists study Holy scriptures ?
  • Importance of spiritual practice in establishing the ‘Hindu Nation’
  • Introduction to the future generation of the ‘Hindu Nation’


      What if children were told to educate themselves in modern sciences without any teacher or any access to prior knowledge gained over centuries ? What if we had to reinvent the wheel in every walk of life, without having access to knowledge that was already available from authorities in the field ? If this were the case, we would spend a lifetime trying to educate ourselves without making much headway or perhaps even going down a wrong path.

The 8 Aspects of Gurukrupayoga

                  Despite being a Paratpar Guru Himself, 
  H.H. Dr. Athavale is always in the bhav (Spiritual emotion) of a disciple !
      I learnt though H.H. Dr. Athavale’s actions how He always remains in the bhav (Spiritual emotion) of a disciple despite being a Paratpar Guru Himself. Every action of His is worth emulating. I have fallen  short in learning from Him, for which I apologise to Him.

Hindu Convention Day 5

 Key Topics
  • Contribution of Saints in establishment of the ‘Hindu Nation’
  • Social mask of fundamentalist Muslims, terrorists and Naxals
  • Efforts made for legal action against Christians converting Hindus
  • How to stop the distribution of Quran and Bible at public places ?
  • How to counter religious conversions aggressively ?
  • Love Jihad
  • Efforts made to protest against use of the term ‘Hindu terrorism’
  • Putting up posters near houses of corrupt people with information about their corrupt practices
  • Day's Highlights

Mr. Radhakrishnan Gopalkrishnan attained 61% spiritual level !

Mr. Radhakrishnan Gopalkrishnan is being felicitated
by H.H. (Dr.) Pingale (National Guide of HJS)

Hindu Convention Day 6

Key Topics
  • Activities of temple protection  and Hindu organisations
  • Mobilisation of Hindu youth through Shiv-vandana
  • Present pathetic state of Ramjanmabhumi and its solution
  • Uniting Hindus through the medium of Maha-arati & Ramnavami
  • Movement for protection of culture and against harm to Dharma
  • Efforts to be made to protect Hindu culture in schools and colleges
  • Create a solution so that western ‘Days’ are not celebrated at all
  • Efforts being made to prevent defamation of Saints & related legal battles (Narration of experiences)

Yearning of children from Balsanskar class of H.H. Asaram Bapuji for establishment of the ‘Hindu Nation’ !

Master Narayan Banga
    Master Narayan Banga (Age 10 years - see photo here) and Master Kushal Dubey (Age 11 years) from Balsanskar class of H.H. Asaram Bapuji expressed their thoughts. Here is what Master Narayan said.
    “I am a young Hindu. I am very happy to note that all who have come here are trying hard to make this country a ‘Hindu Nation’. I pray to God for success of this mission.

Hindu Convention Day 7

                                     Day’s Highlights
     Devout Hindus resolved to work hard for the Nation and Dharma
    The last session of the ‘All India Hindu Convention’ proved to be an ideal mix of resolutions and emotions; on the one hand, participants resolved work hard for the Nation and Dharma, and on the other, they were overcome with emotion with the realisation that they will be bidding adieu to each other after spending 7 days together.

Difference between the functioning of a political party and Hindu Janajagruti Samiti

      Meetings and Conventions of all political parties take place in five star hotels; whereas, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti organised the ‘All India Hindu Convention’ in a plain hall of Ramnath Devasthan and lodging of delegates was arranged in Bhaktanivas in the temples of Shri Ramnath, Shri Shantadurga (Kavale), Shri Shantadurga (Veling), Shri Mahalakshmi (Bandivade), Mahalasa (Mhardol) and Math of Goud Padacharya at Kavale.

Mr. Murali Manohar Sharma attains 61% spiritual level

      Mr. Murali Manohar Sharma (General Secretary of Bharat Raksha Manch, Odisha) attained 61% spiritual level. This was announced by H.H. (Dr.) Pingale (National Guide of HJS). Mr. Sharma was the 6th  dignitary to reach this level in the Convention.

Do not perform any act not sanctioned by our scriptures !

Dr. Shivnarayan Sen
     Some devout Hindus inspire Hindu youth to abduct Muslim girls as a counter measure to Love Jihad. They should realise that there is a difference bet-ween marriage and adultery. Dharma destroys those who are unrighteous. Through such acts, the religious fraternity will cease to exist. Dharma clearly stipulates that those who commit adultery should be killed.

Press Conference after the successful conclusion of the Convention

(From Left) Mr. Anil Dhir, Mr. Ramesh Shinde, H.H. Dr Charudatta
Pingale, Prof. Madhav Bhattarai, Adv. Ichalkaranjikar
       Panaji (Goa) - “Bharat and Nepal are naturally ‘Hindu Nations’. Every sect has a Nation that it calls its own. However, Hindus do not have a single Nation which they can call their own. And hence, in this Convention, resolutions were passed for establishment of the ‘Hindu Nation’ in Bharat & Nepal besides resolutions for a complete ban on cow-slaughter, preventing infiltration from Bangladesh and finalising a policy to protect Hindus all over the world.”

Vyashti and samashti sadhana and importance of samashti sadhana

H.H. Yoya Vallee
1. Reasons why a seeker who performs vyashti sadhana finds samashti sadhana difficult
A. Strengthening of sanskar of vyashti sadhana : When an individual who performs vyashti sadhana (Individual spiritual practice) is told to perform samashti sadhana (Spiritual practice for spread of Spirituality), he finds it difficult. The sanskar (Subconscious impression) of vyashti sadhana is so deeply ingrained in his mind, that he finds it difficult even to understand the concept of samashti sadhana.

Required : Full-time seekers for Coordination etc. in Sanatan’s Sections

     Sanatan Sanstha’s precious treasure of texts is available in Marathi, Hindi, English, Gujarati, other Bharatiya and foreign languages. Thousands of texts will be published in the times to come. We require seekers who can translate and correct Sanatan’s texts in various languages.

Bi-Annual International SSRF Workshop for new seekers

.      By God’s grace, from 21-27th July 2014, Ramnathi Ashram will again host an International Workshop of the Spiritual Science Research Foundation for seekers from all over the world who have recently begun their spiritual practice.
     This year, 65 seekers will attend the International Work-shop from 15 countries - India, Nepal, Mauritius, Kuwait, USA, Canada, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Bolivia, UK, United Emirates, Singapore.

Benefit from Dharmasatsangs of Sanatan & HJS

     Programmes produced by Sanatan Sanstha and Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) are being transmitted through local cable channels. Hindus should try to contact cable operators for starting transmission of these Dharmasatsangs and prepare themselves to observe Dharma (Righteousness).
          Over 57,75,200 viewers are benefitting from these Dharmasatsangs
                              Local Cable Operators now airing Dharmasatsangs
                                Maharashtra (5 Operators), Goa (1 Operator),
                            Karnataka (17 Operators), Jharkhand (1 Operator)

Hindu Nationalist Narendra Modi fulfils Gandhi’s Dream Frees Bharat from the yoke of Congress !

Mr. Narendra Modi
  • Single Party gets majority after 30 years
  • Dynastic rule of Gandhis comes to an end
  • Fake ‘Secularism’ gets sound thrashing
     New Delhi - Mr. Narendra Modi, who lit the flame of nationalism in the mind of majority Hindus, received an equally rousing response from Hindus all over the country. He and his party, BJP, were the victors in the Bharatiya General Elections of 2014.