1-15 February 2016 Issue


                                         Not merely a Terrorist Attack, but War !
1. Will the Bharatiya Government remain silent and treat this incident just as another terrorist attack or prepare to give a fitting reply considering it to be a war against Bharat ?


       Phaltan (District Satara, Maharashtra) - “As soon as a Sanatan seeker was taken into custody as a suspect in Comrade Pansare’s murder, there was an uproar about banning Sanatan Sanstha. When the leader of Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) Padmasinh Patil was charged with murder, why did any of these so-called progressive elements not demand a ban on NCP ? Why should the Congress Party not be banned for being instrumental in the massacre of Sikhs in 1984 ?


                                     Fanatics create mayhem for 6 hours !
1. A serious communal clash continued for six hours in Kaliachak in the Malda town of West Bengal !
2. A Muslim mob attacked the Kaliachak Police Station, Block Development Office and damaged Public property !

Yada Yada Hi -----


                         Rumour spread that Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale
                  (Inspiration of Sanatan Sanstha) has renounced His body !
      Mumbai - A mischievous propaganda that Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale has renounced His body and His mortal remains have been kept in an air-conditioned coffin was doing the rounds through social networking site ‘WhatsApp’. This was a baseless news that snowballed into a rumour. Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale’s health remains status quo. He is performing His regular seva such as writing etc. as per His daily routine.

Hysterical anti-Sanatan elements now clutching at straws !

                                         Target Adv. Sanjiv Punalekar’s
                                   innocuous tweet in a bid to fault Sanatan
Do not distract people from your corruption and divert attention to Sanatan :Adv. Sanjiv Punalekar
      Mumbai - Adv. Sanjiv Punalekar is the National Secretary of Hindu Vidhidnya Parishad. Mr. Shripal Sabnis is the President of Akhil Bharatiya Marathi Sahitya Sammelan which was scheduled to be held in Pune from 15th to 18th January 2016. 

Why such an uproar over unsolicited advice by Sanatan’s lawyer ? : Daily ‘Saamana’ Editorial

         Mumbai - ‘Nowadays everyone seems to be taking care of Mr. Shripal Sabnis as if he is an invaluable gem of Maharashtra. When Sanatan’s lawyer advised him to take a morning walk and be fresh, why such a needless uproar ?’ Daily ‘Saamana’ said in its Editorial dated 8th January.
The Editorial added, ‘Sabnis had criticised the Prime Minister in an inappropriate language. He had already started receiving threats for this.

Sanatan should stop threatening : Narayan Rane

       Mumbai - Congress leader Mr. Narayan Rane alleged that Sanatan Sanstha is a ‘child’ of RSS and BJP. Alleging that Sanatan has support from Government, and BJP finances Sanatan, he said that it is because of this that the killers of Dabholkar and Pansare are still at large. He said that if there are threats to Sripal Sabnis, what will happen to the law and order situation ?

Sanatan sends notice to TV news channel ‘Jai Maharashtra’

      Miraj (Maharashtra) - Adv. Punalekar advised Mr. Shripal Sabnis through a tweet. This tweet had nothing to do with Sanatan Sanstha, yet TV news channel ‘Jai Maharashtra’ broadcast news defaming Sanatan Sanstha. Since this news hurt the image of Sanatan Sanstha, Mr. Virendra Marathe (Managing Trustee of Sanatan Sanstha) sent a notice to the Director of this TV news channel, Mrs. Hemlata Sudhakar Shetty and Director Mr. Sudhakar Mallappa Shetty through Adv. Annasaheb Jadhav.

Publication of ‘Importance of the Guru, Types & Gurumantra’ in German

      Sanatan Sanstha’s Holy text ‘Importance of the Guru, Types & Gurumantra’ in German language was released at the auspicious hands of H.H. Cyriaque Vallee and H.H. Milutin Pankratz. Translators of this Holy text - Ms. Gerlinde Dombrowski & Mrs. Yvonne Pregenzer (seekers of SSRF) - were felicitated on this occasion.

H.H. Milutin Pankratz becomes the 5thSaint of SSRF

                            H.H. Dr. Athavale’s message on the occasion
H. H. Cyriaque Vallee felicitates H. H. Milutin Pankratz
Mr. Milutin Pankratz is originally from Croatia, Europe. Despite being a Civil Engineer and a successful professional, He has very little ego. His entire family performs spiritual practice; His wife Mrs. Pavla has attained 62% spiritual level. His daughter, Ms. Hana, who has taken birth from Maharlok (The 4th higher subtle region of the universe), has also attained 61% spiritual level due to inculcation of good sanskars (Subconscious impressions). One example of the sacrifice of the Pankratz family is the Zagreb Sevakendra.


                         As a citizen of  this world what can I do ?
       For those of you who read the articles on Natural dis-asters and climate change and World War 3 predictions 2015 and onwards and ponder ‘now what ?’, we have provided some practical information on what you can do to help the situation. The basic aim is to reduce the spiritually impure components (Raja and Tama) in the environment and increase the spiritually pure component (Sattva) in society.

Sanatan Sanstha’s Holy texts Article

                                       Lifeline for the coming calamitous times
        According to Saints, Sages, astrologers etc., the ensuing period is going to be terrible for the World. In this period, the World will have to face many perils. Protecting ourself, our family members and brethren in the country will be a great challenge in itself. Against this background, the thoughts expressed here will certainly prove to be beneficial.

Behind terror attack, a reborn Jihad empire !

‘To Delhi, O’ Hindus, the army of the Prophet will soon return’, reads a giant mural over the entrance of Jaish-e-Muhammad’s headquarters at Bahawalpur in Pakistan’s Punjab province. Inside the building, there is a swimming pool, stables, training grounds and accommodation for hundreds of students.

HJS writes to PM on Kashmiri Hindus

       Classify the atrocities on Kashmiri Hindus as ‘Genocide’, initiate inquiry by setting up a Justice Tribunal and allot an independent Union Territory of ‘Panun Kashmir’ for the rehabilitation of Kashmiri Hindus on a permanent basis
       Kashmir Valley is important for Bharat from every point of view. It is here that Ascetics and Sages have written plenty of scriptures and many sciences, and made them available to the human race. Hindus in Kashmir Valley have been constantly persecuted by Mughal invaders from the ancient times.


                                             KERALA MINISTER FORCING
                                 STUDENTS TO ABANDON MALAYALAM !
      HJS writes to Governor of Kerala requesting him to take action against Labour Minister of Kerala Shibu Baby John for influencing students to speak only in English instead of Malayalam
       Labour Minister of Kerala Shibu Baby John made an atrocious statement that ‘Students of Kerala should abandon Malayalam and learn English language’. This advice shows that although the British have left Bharat after ruling for 150 years, we are still their mental slaves.


                               In Madhya Pradesh, one officer caught
                                          every day for taking bribes !
        Bhopal (MP) - In what is a shocking reminder on rampant corruption among the babus in Madhya Pradesh, the official figures of Special Police Establishment (SPE), Lokayukta reveals that at least one official was caught taking bribe every day in the year 2015. And this is the third consecutive year when the average is close to one ‘babu’ being caught every day while taking a bribe.

Headmaster beaten, banned from madrasa for asking pupils to sing National Anthem

      Kolkata - Kazi Masum Akhtar, the headmaster of Talpukur Ara High Madrasa in the heart of the city, has been banned from its precincts, after being viciously assaulted by moulanas and their hench-men, for training students to sing the National Anthem for the Republic Day in the State, where Asia’s first Nobel laureate and West Bengal icon Rabindranath Tagore wrote the song.


                                      ‘Crescent and Stars’ in Assam,
                                  whereas only ‘Stars’ in Arunachal 
      When you enter Arunachal State, you feel as if you have entered a Christian country. Christmas was still 20 days away, yet you could see illumination and lanterns with glowing stars on every house. The churches in every nook and corner were bathed in glowing light. The same situation existed when I visited Shillong in Meghalaya. It was nauseating to see beef being sold openly on the streets. A devout Hindu in Arunachal said to me, “Crescent and Stars are increasing in Assam, whereas only ‘Stars’ are increasing in our State”. - Mr. Ramesh Shinde (National Spokesperson, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti)

NHM agitation against distortion of History

      The curriculum of NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) is often riddled with controversies. Sometimes, great revolutionaries such as Bhagat Singh are insulted by calling them terrorists, at other times, distorted history of the ancient traditions of Bharat & Hindu culture is taught. 

Earnest request to ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ Readers !

      Since assaults on the Nation and Dharma are on the rise, related news has also increased tremendously. The atmosphere is becoming favourable for establishing the ‘Hindu Nation’. Many inspiring incidents regarding the Nation and Dharma are coming to light. It is essential to make Hindus aware of all these developments. Hence, the periodicity of English ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ has been changed from Monthly to Fortnightly from January 2016.

MS Dhoni issued non-bailable warrant over controversial magazine cover

       New Delhi - A non-bailable warrant has been issued against Indian skipper MS Dhoni by a Court in Anantpur regarding his appearing on the cover of a magazine as Lord Vishnu. The 34-year-old has been asked to be present in Court on 25thFebruary.

Businessman removes Deity’s picture from products

     Mumbai - Mr. Shivaji Vatkar (of HJS) found a plastic sachet made by ‘Shiv-Shakti Foods’ with Ma Kali’s picture on it in a garbage bin. All the sides of the sachet had Ma Kali’s pictures in the form of a trident. Mr. Vatkar, being a devotee of the Goddess, called the owner of the company, Mr. Anil Dene and said to him, “This sachet has a nose ring, eyes and face of the Deity, and if it is thrown in a toilet, garbage, gutter, then it will amount to denigration of the Deity. This could be sinful too”. Hearing this Mr. Dene immediately agreed to remove the Deity’s picture from the sachet and thanked Mr. Vatkar. (Congratulations to Mr. Dene for agreeing to remove the picture immediately ! - Editor)

Protest against anti-national


                                 Hoarding carrying obscene pictures of 
                    women removed after protest by ‘Ranaragini’ volunteers   
    Madgaon (Goa) - An advertisement hoarding depicting obscene pictures of women displayed near the Kadamba Bus Stand at Madgaon was removed by the Government. Ranaragini Branch of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) had written to the office of the South Goa Collector on 5th January, following which the hoarding was removed on 6th January.

Which figure do you like ?

SPIRITUAL PUZZLES To sharpen your spiritual acumen

      The perspective in publishing such puzzles is to engross you in something deeper in human life; for example - inspiring the intellect and enhancing knowledge. Solving puzzles is one of the 64 Arts. The main aim in various Arts created by God is to comprehend His existence and become one with Him.

Youth in South India getting more influenced by ISIS : NIA

       Lucknow (UP) - The chief of the National Investigation Agency (NIA) said that youth in South India were getting more influenced by the ISIS ideology than those in other parts of the country. At the foundation laying ceremony of NIA’s new office in Lucknow, NIA Director General Sharad Kumar said the number of radicalised youth in southern States is higher than that of States like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

The Myth of Moderate Islam

     On 18th June 2015, David Cameron stated that too many British Muslims ‘Quietly condone’ extremism. In a blunt speech, he urged families to speak out against the ‘poisonous ideology’ driving hundreds of youth to wage jihad for IS.
      The Prime Minister also called for parents to stop blaming Police and the security services for failing to prevent British teenagers heading to Syria. Parts of the Muslim community are guilty of normalising hatred of Democracy and western values, he warned, making it easier for violent extremism to take hold.


                                   Shelter forcibly converted
                                              children to Christianity 
       Greater Noida (Uttar Pradesh) - Authorities allegedly uncovered a forcible conversion centre in Greater Noida and Meerut. The children rescued from this shelter home told counsellors that many of them were ‘bought’ from their parents.
       Forcibly converted to Christianity, hung by the wrists from a ceiling fan, starved for days and beaten mercilessly for failing to recite Bible passages - this is what a 9-year-old boy said he had to endure at an illegal shelter. He was among 30 children, all from poor families, rescued on 29th December after Police raided two homes run by the Emmanuel Seva Group in Greater Noida and Meerut.

Could reply fittingly to a missionary due to thoughts given by Paratpar Guru

      I was travelling by train from Bengaluru to Mangaluru. During the journey, a Christian missionary interacted with me.
Missionary : Hindus are very selfish. They ask God for favours - “I offer You a garland, coconut and money. Let my daughter get a good groom. Let my son get a good job !”
Me : What was your profession before you became a missionary ?

Dress code for Devotees visiting Temples and Shrines in TN

      Devotees entering temples in Tamil Nadu will have to follow a new dress code from 1st January as several important shrines have put up notice boards highlighting this.
      The dress code for entering  temples was being followed on the orders of the Madras High Court early last month, officials said.

For public good, States can ban alcohol : SC

      New Delhi - While upholding the Kerala Government’s decision to render all hotels except five-star ones dry, the Supreme Court also ruled that the States could ban public consumption of cigarettes and liquor even if they had not taken steps to curb production of these intoxicants.

Protesters ransack Police station in Purnia

                 Mamata Banerjee : No communal tension in Bengal
       Kolkata - West Bengal Chief Minister & Trinamool Congress (TMC) supremo Mamata Banerjee on 8th January said there is no communal tension in the State. Banerjee, who was speaking at Bengal Global Business Summit here, said unity in diversity is the mantra of the TMC regime. She also claimed that the Maoist violence has come down in West Bengal. “Even people residing in the hills are smiling. There is no tension”, she said. The opposition parties have squarely blamed the State Government alleging that law and order situation has been steadily worsening in Bengal.

Will trigger 13 blasts for Afzal’s 13 years : JeM

       New Delhi - Just days before the deadly fidayeen attack at the Pathankot airbase, intelligence agencies listening to chatter had alerted security forces that Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) was planning a series of terror strikes in India.

Jaish-e-Mohammad mocks Indian defence agencies

     Pathankot (Punjab) - Pakistan-based terror outfit Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM), headed by Moulana Masood Azhar, has uploaded an audio clip on a website making startling disclosures about how terrorists attacked the Pathankot airbase on 2nd January. The speaker warns the Pakistan Government not to accept Indian evidence.

Fanatic arrested for seditious FB comment insulting Pathankot martyr

      A man in Malappuram District in Kerala was arrested under sedition charges for a derogatory Facebook comment on Lt. Col. EK Niranjan, who died in the terror attack at the Pathankot Air Force base.

Execution of Shia cleric sparks protests in Srinagar

      Srinagar (J&K) - Scores of Shia community members in Kashmir held protests against the execution of prominent cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr in Saudi Arabia. Protests were held at Rainawari area of Srinagar, where the members raised pro-Islam and pro-Nimr slogans, officials said. They said the protesters tried to march towards the city centre but were stopped by Police at Rainawari Chowk, triggering clashes.

Some important points for the audience and individuals guiding

Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale
      The audience and speakers should keep the following aspects in mind while guidance is in progress 
1. Audience - It is necessary to report the mistakes of responsible seekers further : Many seekers do not report the mistakes of their responsible seekers further. They feel awkward about it. In this regard, they should keep the following aspects in mind. It is necessary to report the mistakes of responsible seekers to the seekers accountable for them for the following reasons.

For seekers, readers, well-wishers and devout Hindus

                 Participate in various sevas of Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabhas
        The only way to overcome the social, national and religious problems of Hindus is to have a ‘Hindu Nation’ based on Dharma (Righteousness) and not a ‘secular’ Democracy. To create an expansive awakening in Hindus in this regard, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) has been organising Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabhas in every District all over the country.

Required : Full-time seekers for Coordination etc. in Sanatan’s Sections

        Sanatan Sanstha’s precious treasure of Holy texts is available in Marathi, Hindi, English, Gujarati, other Bharatiya and foreign languages. Thousands of texts will be published in the times to come. We require seekers who can translate and correct Sanatan’s texts in various languages.

Request to seekers, readers, well-wishers and devout Hindus :

                                   Contribute articles on the 
                         present state of the Nation and Dharma
       Times are changing fast, for the worse, especially for Hindus and Hindu Dharma. We come across many incidents every-day which highlight the plight of the Nation and Dharma. A minuscule of these incidents are reported by various Hindutvavadi Periodicals, websites and other electronic media. While Sanatan Sanstha, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti and Hindutvavadis are doing their bit with the small resources at their disposal, you too can contribute by either writing yourself or sending authentic articles that have appeared in various media on this subject. Please send your contributions to : sanatanenglish1@gmail.com.