October 2014 Issue


      In common language this is known as Dhanteras. Businessmen worship their treasuries on this day. A commercial year comprises the period between two successive festivals of Deepawali (Diwali). Account books for the New Year start on this day.


                                    SPECIAL MESSAGE
     The festival of Vijayadashami provides the inspiration for victory. On this very day, Hindu Deities performed the great valour of conquering the ten directions, that is, defeating the enemies coming from the ten directions. Hence, this day is also called Dushehra.

Grooming Gang

       ‘Love Jihad’ is an Islamic campaign to deceive Hindu girls into love, compel them to accept Islam and later use them as the instruments for bearing Muslim offspring. (Daily ‘Mid-day’, 30.10.2009)
    The spate of abductions of Hindu women by Muslims for centuries together was not something that could just be ignored as mere fanaticism; neither was it so insignificant that it could be ignored without a mention.

Sanatan Sanstha now has 44 Saints

                Shri. Mahendra Kshatriya, Smt. Radha Prabhu reach Sainthood
H. H. Kshatriya
     Nashik (Maharashtra) - Sanatan’s seeker Shri. Mahendra Vishwanath Kshatriya (Age 61 years) was declared Sanatan’s 43rd Saint by Prasarsevika H.H. (Ms.) Swati Khadye on 10th September 2014. He has been performing spiritual practice for the last 17 years under Sanatan’s guidance. H.H. (Ms.) Khadye honoured Him by presenting a photo of H.H. Dr Athavale.

Yada Yadahi

University of Spirituality


      Panaji (Goa) - Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) has taken strong objection to Dr. Mesquita’s statement on ‘drinking’ in Goa. HJS’ Goa State coordinator, Dr. Manoj V Solanki said in a press release, “Cow worship is a part of Hindu culture and cow slaughter and eating beef are sins in Hindu religion.

Conference on ‘Panchgavya Therapy’

                                          organised to propagate Govidnyan
     Sangli (Maharashtra) - The Second All Bharatiya Pancha-gavya Therapy Conference has been organised from 14th to 16th November 2014 here by Maharshi Vagbhatta Gaushala and Panchagavya Research Centre, Kanchipuram. (Panchagavya is a mixture of milk, curd, clarified butter, urine and dung derived from the cow.) Many patients have experienced that diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure etc.,

Research of the ‘University of Spirituality’

     On vibrations emitted by a candle, oil lamp and ghee lamp
     Hindu Dharma has deeply studied every aspect of man’s existence and environment. Accordingly, man has been advised to abide by a code of conduct. He gets the benefit of sattvikta (Purity) when he abides by Dharma and as a result, the influence of RajaTama on him reduces. Let us study a subject here which will be of interest to us during Deepawali.

Mr. Uddhav Thackeray backs Yogi Adityanath, says : ‘Love Jihad’ is a conspiracy to destroy Hindu culture

      Mumbai - Recently, an undated video posted on YouTube showed Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Yogi Adityanath exhorting Hindu men to convert 100 Muslim girls to Hindusim for each Hindu converted to Islam. The bold comments regarding ‘Love Jihad’ made by Yogi Adityanath seem to have found support of Shiv Sena Chief, Mr. Uddhav Thackeray.


              Asks our Home Minister Mr. Rajnath Singh !
      New Delhi - At a time when many Bharatiya Janata Party leaders are constantly raising the issue of ‘Love Jihad’, our Home Minister Mr. Rajnath Singh last month refused to reply to the contentious issue, saying that he needs to first understand the definition of this term.

Love Jihad

1. Young Hindu girls and Muslim youth have married in the past also, then why so much hue and cry now about this ?
1. It is true that Hindu girls and Muslims have married in the past and generally all Hindu girls had to convert. Dilip Kumar’s (Yusuf Khan) sister married a Hindu and he was converted. From this, we can see that even though fanatics are educated, they do not get converted but force others to convert.

‘Love Jihad’ poses a threat to the very survival of the Hindu race !

    If Hindus continue to be converted at this rate, after a 100 years people will say, ‘Once there was  Hindu Dharma’, as we say today, ‘Once there was a Zoroastrian religion’, because when Hindus become a minority in this country due to religious  conversions, they will be killed for being Kafirs.
- Dr. Athavale (Source of Inspiration for Sanatan Sanstha)

‘Love Jihad’-Reality

                    Fanatic organisations that support ‘Love Jihad’
       ‘Love Jihad’ is primarily the brainchild of the Pakistan-based terrorist organisation LeT; others are 1. ‘Campus Front’ (Students wing of NDF), 2. Tasreen Milleth, 4. Shahees Force, 5. Muslim Youth Forum, 6. Thareekath Movement (Hyderabad), 7. Islam council,8. Maunathul Islam, 9. Political parties such as IUML, PDP, SIMI

Fatwas to convert Hindu girls, collect money !

      Moulavis in Sambhajinagar (Aurangabad) have issued a fatwa for ‘Love Jihad’ - ‘Convert Hindu girls and collect Rs. 200/- daily’. Accordingly, Muslim youth are paid Rs. 200/- daily to entice Hindu girls. They are given a two-wheeler after the girl has been enticed and Rs.1-2 lakh after they marry her. (Ref.: ‘Daily Tarun Bharat’, Solapur, 22.2.2009)
     Some Islamic organisations are willing to spend lakhs of Rupees to convert Hindu (and other) girls as per their caste and State ! Here is a sample.

Appeal To Powerful Hindu Organisations

                  Protecting the character of Sita (Woman) in every
   household is more important than building Shriram Temple in Ayodhya !
     Every Hindu parent wishes that their daughter gets a worthy life partner, and is able to lead a good life. Every Hindu girl expects to get an appropriate life partner.
     ‘Love Jihad’ is in fact a ghastly effort to take advantage of the natural feelings of love and today’s western sanskars, and to destroy the lives of Hindu girls and the dream of their parents.

Dharmaveer Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj refused a marriage proposal and embraced death !

    After arresting Dharmaveer Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj, Mughal King Aurangzeb tempted him with a proposal to marry his daughter and embrace Islam. However, Sambhaji Maharaj refused the offer. He sacrificed his life but did not give up his Dharma. This is why he is called ‘Dharmaveer’.

Huge success for Hindu Janajagruti Samiti ‘Made In Pakistan Expo 2014’ cancelled !

     Mumbai - ‘Made In Pakistan Expo 2014’, an exhibition-cum-sale of articles made in Pakistan was to be held under the aegis of the Pakistan Readymade Garments Manufacturers

Why does the Home Minister feel ashamed to accept the existence of ‘Love Jihad’ ? : NHM

     ‘National Hindu Movement’ was formed as a result of intense parleys in the 2nd ‘All India Hindu Convention’ held at Goa in 2013. The purpose was to bring Hindu organisations active in Bharat under one umbrella. As the first step, it was decided to conduct nationwide agitations for a common cause on the first Sunday of every month on issues concerning Hindus (Now, these agitations are conducted throughout the month).


                     To learn why and how should we prevent
                      denigrations of our seats of faith, visit : 
      Panaji (Goa) - HJS demanded a ban on a reality TV show ‘MTV Splitsvilla’, saying that it erodes culture and morality. HJS also demanded censorship of TV shows on the whole. “The impact of such reality shows is so much that it erodes culture and morality in the youth, which are the future responsible citizens of this country”, said Mr. Ramesh Shinde (National Spokesperson of HJS).

Zee Talkies’ assures HJS of withdrawing denigrating advert

     Mumbai - An advertisement on ‘Zee Talkies’ TV channel for ‘Zee Comedy Awards 2014’ had content that denigrated Lakshman, Sita and Droupadi - characters revered by Hindus. Mr. Satish Kochrekar of HJS wrote to the channel protesting against this. ‘Zee Talkies’ replied to him and conveyed that the said advertisement stands withdrawn.

Sanatan Almanac - 2015

Who Says Love Jihad Does Not Exist ?

       People who refuse to acknowledge the existence of ‘Love Jihad’ must get to know of the following facts.
1. A report of Kerala High Court says,
A. From 1996, ‘Love Jihad’ has been spreading very fast in a systematic manner.
B. In 4 years, 4000 young women have been converted.
C. Hundreds of cases of ‘Love Jihad’ have been exposed in Thiruvananthpuram alone.
D. In Kasargod, Kannur, Kozhikode and Mallapuram areas, 1600 cases have been exposed.

Well-planned methods of luring Hindu girls

     Jihadi organisations active in the field of ‘Love Jihad’ in Kerala have fixed a time of 2 weeks for establishing an affair with a young Hindu girl and 6 months for marrying and converting her. If a girl does not fall into the love-dragnet within 2 weeks, the Muslim boy is supposed to try for another girl.

O Hindus ! Do the following to save your daughters from ‘Love Jihad’ !

1. Keep an eye on your daughter’s daily behaviour in the house and outside.
2. Try to get information about her behaviour from her friends from time to time.
3. Properly study the need to give her a mobile, camera etc. and then make them available to her.

BJP to bring uniform civil code to stop ‘Love Jihad’ : Subramanian Swamy

     New Delhi - Bharatiya Janata Party’s Subramanian Swamy has come out openly in support of RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat’s remark that activists of ‘Love Jihad’ are getting foreign funds. He also said that the BJP will soon come up with a uniform civil code to stop this menace. Dr. Swamy was responding to media reports that it happened due to the machinations of multiple foreign-funded Muslim organisations targeting innocent Hindu girls.

Minority Commission not even aware of ‘Love Jihad’ phenomenon !

Pune (Maharashtra) - A three member group of the National Commission for Minorities - Dr. Ajaib Singh, Captain Praveen Dawar and TN Shanoo - were in Pune on 25th August to meet members of the Muslim community and visit riot-affected areas. They also visited the home of Mohsin Sheikh’s father was also present in the press conference.

BJP MLA says Garba venues should not allow Muslims

     Indore (Madhya Pradesh) - The agitation of a BJP MLA from Indore against ‘Love Jihad’ has triggered a huge row. MLA Usha Thakur has urged Garba organisers in Indore to allow patrons entry only after checking their Voter ID card. Thakur alleged that certain people (predominantly Muslim) enter the Garba venue pretending to be Hindus and indulge in ‘wrong activities’.

VASHIKARAN The latest weapon in the hands of fanatics

                                Black-magic is used to trap Hindu girls into love

1. A young girl, Preeti (name changed), from a very rich Rajasthani Hindu family, eloped with and married Abdul, who was staying in a slum nearby. The Police located her and took her to a remand home. However, it was difficult for the Police to keep her there for long as she was over 18 years of age and hence, legally a major.

How to fight ‘Love Jihad’ legally ?

1. If a fanatic kidnaps a girl, her parents should complain to the Police. If she is above 18 years of age, the Police tend to register it as a non-cognizable offence, saying that she has eloped of her own wish. Therefore, it is necessary that parents insist registering the offence as that of abduction of their daughter.

Appeal to Hindu religious leaders

Hindu religious preachers, religious centres and Sages-Saints have an important responsibility related to the menace of ‘Love Jihad’, since they can address and advise thousands of people at the same time.

Precautions to be taken by Hindu girls and women against ‘Love Jihad’

1. To get help from Hindus around you in a difficult situation, apply kumkum (Saffron) to your forehead. 
2. If you have Muslim friends or neighbours, keep a safe distance from them.
3. To protect yourself from sex-maniacs, learn self-defence techniques such as karate, nunchaku etc.
                                          For those interested in self-defence training, 
                                the ‘Ranaragini’ division of HJS will provide the required assistance !

Unprecedented response to Online agitation of HJS

     ‘Love Jihad’ is all set to destroy Hindu girls. The website of Hindu Janajagruti Samit (HJS) has been spearheading the agitation to create awareness on ‘Love Jihad’ extensively since August 2014. 

A few words of advice to parents

     The potter shapes a pot. If he gives a good shape, the pot looks pretty. Once the pot is ready, its shape cannot be changed. O Parents ! This is also true about your children, who are so dear to you. Once the children grow up, it is difficult to impress good sanskars on them; however, at a tender age, their mind is impressionable, and it is easy to impress good sanskars on them.

It is criminal to celebrate any festival ostentatiously When the Nation is in a crisis !

     When the Nation is going through a period of crisis, celebrating public festivals only to spend money on entertainment is like ‘Nero fiddling when Rome was burning’ ! Our Nation is going through critical times at all levels - financial, social, political, defense, international relations etc.

Come forward to prevent malpractices !

    Over the past decade or so, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti and Sanatan Sanstha have been conducting campaigns to prevent undesirable practices in Holy and Religious festivals. To put an end to the denigration of our Dharma and insult to the Nation, each of us should come forward and participate in these campaigns.


      This is a part of decoration with lamps. The lantern which is hung with the help of a string on a tall pole pitched in the ground outside the house (from Ashwin Shukla Ekadashi till Kartik Shukla Ekadashi) is called an akash-kandil.

Volunteers of HJS and Sanatan Sanstha felicitated by Ganesh Festival Mandals

    Karad (Maharashtra) - Most Idols of Shri Ganesh here were immersed in water due to the awareness created by Hindu organisations, Ganesh Mandals, Sanatan Sanstha and Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) on the day of Anant Chaturdashi. Over 60% Mandals avoided use of gulal. Campaigns of Sanatan Sanstha and HJS were commendable; therefore, ‘Gajanan Natya Mandal’ and ‘Ganesh Mandal’ of Teli Galli, Shaniwar Peth felicitated volunteers of Sanatan Sanstha and HJS.

Complaint against Ram Gopal Verma forwarded to the cyber crime branch

       Ponda (Goa) - Mr. Surjeet Mathur of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti had lodged a criminal complaint on 29
th August with the Ponda Police station against film director Ram Gopal Verma for hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus by denigrating Shri Ganesh on Twitter.Inspector CL Patil of Ponda Police station has forwarded the complaint to the cyber crime branch.


                           People who go to temples molest women,
                           society needs to change their perception
     New Delhi - In an effort to show his sympathetic side towards the women of the country, Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi made some strange remarks last month. He tried to establish a connection between the suffering of women of the country with ‘Hindutva’ forces to prove a political point. “Those who go to temples, worship the Goddess, refer to women as daughters and mothers, molest women in busses”, said he.

‘Terrorism in Hindutva’ book banned by Court

     Bengaluru - Pranavanand Swamiji (National President of ‘Bharatiya Kranti Sene’) had filed a petition against the book ‘Terrorism in Hindutva’ authored by Harohalli Ravindra in a local Court presided by Judge M Ravi Nayak. The Court has banned this anti-Hindu book. (Congratulations Pranavanand Swamiji for raising your voice against this assault on Hindu Dharma ! All Hindus should have him as their ideal ! - Editor)

Bible to speak fourth tribal tongue : Holy crossing from Old English to Mal Pahariya

    Ranchi (Jharkhand) - Gossner Evangelical Lutheran (GEL) Church has said that they have started translating The Bible into Mal Pahariya, a dialect spoken widely by the tribe of the same name inhabiting Jharkhand’s Santhal Pargana and twin Singhbhums and West Bengal’s Burdwan, Bankura and Murshidabad Districts. (Translating the Bible into a tribal language is an enticement for the tribals ! O Hindus ! Unite to stop this conspiracy of converting tribals ! Will the Modi Government, which is in a majority now, pass the Anti-conversion Bill ? - Editor)

A glimpse into the sordid truth of Missionaries

                              Pastor arrested for molesting schoolgirl
      Kochi (Kerala) - A pastor has been arrested in a village near  Kothamangalam for allegedly molesting a 9-year-old school girl, the Police said.
     Devadas (64) was a pastor of a church at Vadattupura, near Kothamangalam in Ernakulam District.
     The pastor took the girl, who had come to the church compound to pluck flowers in July, to his living quarters and molested her. He also threatened the child that she would be killed if she revealed the incident, and later molested her several times.

HJS, VHP, Bajrang Dal, Rashtravadi Shiv Sena strongly protest against ‘Alishan Pakistan’

    New Delhi - Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang dal activists demonstrated outside Pragati Maidan to oppose the Lifestyle Exhibition called ‘Alishan Pakistan’. Hundreds of protestors were arrested and sent to the Tilak Marg Police station, but released later. Addressing the protestors amid continuous rains, State Secretary General of VHP Delhi, Mr. Ram Krishna Srivastava, said, “By allowing such an exhibition, glorifying Pakistan and its products, the sentiments of our citizens have been badly hurt.

Did you know this about Japan ?

     It is free from Jihadi terrorism due to restrictions on Muslims !
    Today, Jihadi terrorism is proving to be a major problem for Bharat, USA, Russia, China etc. However, Japan is free from Jihadi terrorism because it has put strict restrictions on Islam and Muslims. A website provides details about the steps taken by Japan in this direction.

Reservation required till inequality exists in society ! : RSS

    New Delhi -  “We support reservations. Till there is inequality in the society, reservations are required. To uplift those suffering from this inequality, we need reservations. But there should not be any politics in that”, RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat said during a book launch event here. Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar, HRD Minister Smriti Irani, VHP leader Ashok Singhal shared the dais. This is the first time RSS has expressed itself on reservations.

Population explosion of Muslims in Assam

    New Delhi - Office of Registrar General Census Commissioner has nearly completed the compilation of religion-wise and caste-wise break-up of Census 2011. Although this information has not been officially published, it is reliably learnt that there is an enormous increase in the population of Muslims in West Bengal and Assam.

Jharkhand Minister suspected to be a Naxalite leader

    Ranchi (Jharkhand) - Congress MP and Minister of Agriculture in Jharkhand Mr. Yogendra Saw is the leader of ‘Jharkhand Tiger Group’, a Naxalite organisation. This information was provided by some Naxalites arrested by the Police. Participation of Mr. Saw in several serious criminal cases including contacts with a Naxalite organisation, murders, extortion etc. have come to the light. (This is the culture of Congress ! Instead of sending criminals to jail, they are made Ministers ! - Editor)

Kashmir belongs to Pakistan ! : Bhutto’s son

       Islamabad (Pakistan) - Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, son of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, said that his Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) would get back entire Kashmir from India. He was addressing party workers in Multan region last month. “I will take back Kashmir, all of it, and I will not leave behind a single inch of it because, like the other provinces, it belongs to Pakistan”.

Al Qaeda is opening a new branch in Bharat

     Islamabad (Pakistan) - In a 55-minute video released last month, the current leader of al Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahiri, promised to ‘raise the flag of Jihad’ and to spread Islamic rule by operating in India, Bangladesh and Myanmar, under the new ‘Qaeda al-Jihad’. The idea has already been welcomed by the Pakistani Taliban, whilst India has expressed deep concerns over al Qaeda’s plan to establish a permanent presence in the region.

Arjuna Awards

     Nowadays, Arjuna Awards are being doled out like Prasad !- Sardar Milkha Singh (Legendary athlete of yesteryears, while speaking to journalists in Margao, Goa.)

Spiritual education and technological progress should go hand in hand.

    There has been a disconnect in our education from spiritual teachings. Spiritual education and technological progress should go hand in hand. - Prof. SK Sopory
    (Vice Chancellor of Jawaharlal Nehru University speaking at the Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi.) (The Vice Chancellor is expected to take action to impart spiritual knowledge to students instead of just making statements ! - Editor)

It would be futile to expect that Bharatiya leaders possess a fighting spirit like the European leaders !

    Our political leaders and parties have no experience of war. They have never read any literature on the subject. What can be expected of them in such a situation ? Take a look at the main protagonists of World War II - Churchill, Atlee, De Gaul, Hitler, Lenin, Stalin etc. Trotsky was in the forefront of the Russian Civil War between 1917-1921. Our political leaders have spent all their time in jails, negotiations, shouting slogans, processions and bandhs.

Humble request to Readers, Well-wishers and Devout Hindus

                            Place your order for ‘Sanatan Almanac 2015’ 
                                at the earliest and book your copy today
      Sanatan Almanac is not only an Almanac but teaches comprehensive Hindu activism too. This Almanac is an effective medium to activate Hindus for serving the Nation and Dharma and impart education on Dharma besides providing valuable guidance on sadhana (Spiritual practice) to the spiritually curious. ‘Sanatan Almanac’ is receiving overwhelming response at all levels.

A Spiritual Remedy Useful for All !

                           1st October 2014 to 30th September 2017 (3 Years)
1. Pictures of Deities in front and back of the Kundalini chakras
Name-strips and photos of ‘Shrikrushna’ are available with all Sanatan centres. If any are remaining from the previous set with you, use them first. Name-strip and photos have the same effect.

Request to Seekers, Readers and Well-wishers

                           Manpower required - Editor, Reporters, Anchors etc.
     To prevent harm to the society, Nation and Dharma due to the present practices of TV news channels and to provide Dharmashikshan, propagate Hindu culture, spiritual research etc.

Message for District-sevaks and Seekers -

          Increase distribution of Sanatan’s Holy texts, Audio-Video
            CDs and sattvik products on the occasion of festivals
     October & November will have a number of festivals. Due to the Guru’s grace, we have a golden opportunity to distribute Sanatan’s Holy texts, audio-video CDs and sattvik products to the maximum people in this period. Seekers should make the best of this opportunity.

Benefit from Dharmasatsangs of Sanatan & HJS

     Programmes produced by Sanatan Sanstha and Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) are being transmitted through local cable channels. Hindus should try to contact cable operators for starting transmission of these Dharmasatsangs and prepare themselves to observe Dharma (Righteousness).
                       Over 59,67,000 viewers are benefitting from these Dharmasatsangs
                               Local Cable Operators now airing Dharmasatsangs
               Goa (1 Operator), Karnataka (17 Operators), Maharashtra (1 Operator),
                          Jharkhand (1 Operator), Uttar Pradesh (1 Operator)